Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal defense attorneys must be adept at dealing with numerous issues such as sentencing guidelines, mandatory minimum sentencing statutes and a complicated legal system.  Federal criminal lawyers must work to identify key facts which can help their clients avoid mandatory minimums and minimize the potential hazards in the federal sentencing guidelines.

Part of this effort involves educating the accused person, and their supporters.  It is essential to understand the federal court process as well as what is stake, and what can be done about it.  The attorneys at KAPLAN AND KAPLAN work hard to do this effectively and guide you through this process.

KAPLAN AND KAPLAN has over five decades of combined experience guiding clients through the criminal law system.  By working closely with you, we can help to ensure you understand the charges against you and the legal options available so you can make informed, effective decisions.  KAPLAN AND KAPLAN offers a thorough understanding of criminal procedures, an excellent reputation and complete dedication to seeking justice on your behalf.

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