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Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury Cases.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Vermont's ignition interlock program.
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Welcome to Kaplan And Kaplan

World War II veteran and Harvard Law School graduate, Jacob Kaplan, opened his first office in Burlington, Vermont in 1948. Every day since, generations of lawyers from the Kaplan family have fought for the rights of individuals against the powerful. We have battled governments, banks, insurance companies and big business to protect the liberty, freedom, property interests and basic rights of individual citizens from oppression. Our business and reputation for excellence have been built on an unwavering commitment to our clients. We continue to honor and build this legacy with each client we serve whether it is defending an individual against a criminal charge, fighting an insurance company to get fair compensation for injuries or demanding equal treatment under the law.

KAPLAN AND KAPLAN, located in downtown Burlington, is among Vermont’s respected litigation firms. Our attorneys are admitted to practice in Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, The District of Columbia, and Virginia. We serve all of Vermont and, in some cases, work throughout the Northeast.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Practice Areas

Vermont DUI Defense
We provide the aggressive defense necessary to reduce or eliminate the consequences associated with DUI.
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Personal Injury
If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else, you could be entitled to compensation.
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Business Litigation – Business Law
The trial lawyers at KAPLAN AND KAPLAN have helped many businesses resolve problems and protect their rights.
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Vermont Criminal Defense
Our first priority is to educate clients about their rights and the legal process in defending a criminal case.
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Federal Criminal Defense
Federal defense attorneys must be adept at dealing with sentencing guidelines, mandatory sentencing and a complicated legal system.
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White Collar Crime
White collar crime generally refers to non-violent crimes of deception that are motivated by profit.
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Financial Crimes – Embezzlement
The financial crimes which KAPLAN AND KAPLAN defends are most often embezzlement, insurance fraud and banking/identity related crimes.
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Sexual Assault – Sex Crimes
Sex crimes are among the most challenging cases we defend and are the cases that require the most sensitivity and delicacy in the development and execution of the defense strategy.
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Fish and Game Violations
A hunting or fishing violation is not equivalent to a traffic ticket and should be taken as seriously as any criminal charge.
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Drug Sales – Drug Possession
KAPLAN AND KAPLAN has decades of experience defending all types of drug crimes both large and small.
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Domestic Assault
Our objective in defending domestic assault cases is to be able to present the whole picture to the prosecutors and the courts so that claims can be seen in the context of the larger relationship.
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Aggravated Assault – Simple Assault
Assault cases can be loosely divided into three general categories: No Injury, Minor Injury and Serious Injury.
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Reckless Driving – Excessive Speed
Kaplan and Kaplan has developed defense strategies to steer resolution of Reckless Driving - Excessive Speed cases into non-criminal outcomes so that our clients are able to maintain clean criminal records despite being arrested for speeding.
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Child Pornography
Child pornography investigations and prosecutions are escalating rapidly and ensnaring a diverse group of people with varied levels of actual culpability.  KAPLAN AND KAPLAN has significant experience in this area of the law and would be pleased to consult with you about your circumstances.
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