Christopher Hardy

Christopher Hardy is a new attorney who was admitted to the Vermont Bar in November, 2023.  Chris is fulfilling his lifelong passion of becoming an attorney to advocate for individuals facing tough legal challenges. Chris finds inspiration in new experiences and strives to improve his litigation skills with every legal filing and court hearing. Chris aspires to become a top tier litigation attorney and his enthusiasm for clients and their causes is invigorating. Chris works in the areas of civil litigation and criminal defense.

Before becoming an attorney, Christopher graduated from Saint Michael’s College in 2015.  After graduating from college, Chris worked in a technical, administrative position at the United States Attorney’s office for the District of Vermont where supported Assistant United States’ Attorneys in the courtroom, including jury trials. While at the United State’s Attorney’s office, Christopher participated in more than 10 jury trials, many of them high profile cases that received substantial media attention. In 2020, Chris decided to pursue his lifelong ambition of becoming an attorney and he enrolled in Vermont Law School. Chris graduated from Vermont Law School on an accelerated program in January, 2023. While in law school, Chris focused on criminal law, the emerging field of Vermont cannabis law, and on civil ligation which he puts to good use for clients at KAPLAN AND KAPLAN.

Away from the office, Christopher lives in Burlington where he is active in several communities.

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