Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault is a particularly sensitive criminal charge which requires specialized skill and experience to defend effectively. Unlike many other criminal offenses, there is often a long and entangled relationship between the alleged perpetrator and alleged victim. Many of the assault cases which we defend arise from events that at first seem trivial or minor. Our clients are often surprised to learn that either minimal contact has landed them in legal trouble for domestic assault or that the person whom they loved and trusted is telling a story about them that simply isn’t true. These cases often start in heated moments when tempers and passions are high. Once the police have been called, and the story is told, the process and result of the domestic assault criminal charge rests in the hands of the police and the prosecutors, not with the claimed “victim.” Our clients are often confused and bewildered by suddenly having the police and the courts involved in their most intimate personal relationship.

Our objective in defending these cases is to be able to present the whole picture to the prosecutors and the courts so that claims against our clients can be seen in the context of the larger relationship. Often “victims” have a history of exaggerating stories when excited and many of our domestic assault clients have no criminal record. It is our job to make sure that a fair telling of events is presented to the prosecutor and the courts so that the truth of the event is known.

All domestic assault cases are extremely serious because even the most minor conviction for domestic assault can deprive a person of their second amendment right to possess a firearm and cast that person as an abuser for the rest of his or her life. At KAPLAN AND KAPLAN we treat these cases with the seriousness which they deserve and we have developed specific strategies for these cases which produce consistently good outcomes for our clients. KAPLAN AND KAPLAN has the skills and experience to fight for our clients charged with domestic assault to get the best possible outcome for the circumstances.

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