Fish and Game Violations

Fish and Game Violations

Fish and Game related violations are not uncommon. Vermont has a well earned reputation as an outdoors destination for hunting and fishing. Hunting and fishing are likewise ingrained in the traditions of local culture and are passionately embraced by many Vermonters. That said, Vermont also has a small but very aggressive and very active corp of fish and game wardens. Vermont’s regulatory scheme governing hunting and fishing is complex, heavy in detail and, frankly, confusing. The hunting and fishing regulations are frequently changed from year to year and it is difficult, especially in hunting, for a person to know what is and what is not a violation. Many citizens do not realize that hunting and fishing violations are often charged as criminal offenses, nor are many citizens aware of the consequences of a violation on a person’s hunting and fishing license.

A hunting or fishing violation is not equivalent to a traffic ticket and should be taken as seriously as any criminal charge. KAPLAN AND KAPLAN has substantial experience in the field of hunting and fishing enforcement cases and defends these cases as aggressively as the game wardens pursue them.

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